Spring Fed releases

Visit our MARKETPLACE page to purchase any of our releases directly from the Center for Popular Music or click on the links below to find our CDs for sale through Amazon or for download & streaming on your favorite service

SFR 1001 Bruce Nemerov https://orcd.co/o5x9avq

SFR 101 Uncle Dave Macon https://orcd.co/p1beeen

SFR 102 Billy Womack https://orcd.co/xjordm

SFR 103 Sam and Kirk McGee https://orcd.co/zrj8ekp

SFR 104 John Work III https://orcd.co/71pya36

SFR 108 Mississippi John Hurt https://orcd.co/8z0vdmb

SFR 109 Fairfield Four https://orcd.co/7rdwagx

SFR 110 Howdy Forrester & John Hartford  https://orcd.co/pdwdnd

SFR 112 Lorenzo Martinez & Rabbit Sanchez https://orcd.co/ydrr3pn

SFR 114 Felipe Perez https://orcd.co/4v3xqyx

SFR 115 Belen Escobedo https://orcd.co/1jqvgow

SFR 116 Derryberry and Caruthers https://orcd.co/4ab5axd

SFR 118 Eddie & Ruben Jimenez  https://orcd.co/8rxp6kk

SFR 117 Roy Harper https://orcd.co/1j4gee6

SFR 119 Rural Felicity https://orcd.co/17ozl76

SFR DU 33010 Flatops Fiddles https://orcd.co/6j56qpb

SFR DU 33014 Gregory & Davenport Monticello https://orcd.co/qmogx0o

SFR DU 33023 Frazier Moss https://orcd.co/qo7o9zk

SFR DU 33028 Gregory & Davenport Homemade Stuff  https://orcd.co/qbmevwy

SFR DU 33029 Indian Creek Delta Boys vol 1 https://orcd.co/bq6aprb

SFR DU 33035 The Morgans https://orcd.co/oybobr7

SFR DU 33037 Omer Forster https://orcd.co/vxqqnkr

SFR DU 33042 Indian Creek Delta Boys vol 2 https://orcd.co/yv22bel

SFR DU 33043 Gillian Brothers https://orcd.co/lvdx93w

SFR DU 33046 Perry County Music Makers https://orcd.co/zxw3wal

SFR DU 33047 JT Perkins Fiddle Collection  https://orcd.co/abv8drm

SFR DU 33048 Wally Bryson Fiddle Collection https://orcd.co/1aq4y05

SFR Merch & Apparel

SFR Logo Sticker

SFR Logo Sticker

$1.00 US

SFR T-Shirt (Kelly Green)

SFR T-Shirt (Kelly Green)

Women's M, L & XL $21.00 US (Includes shipping/handling)

Homemade Sugar Release Show Poster

Homemade Sugar Release Show Poster

Limited Edition Letter Press/Screen Print Poster $10.00 US

Ed Haley Tribute Poster

Ed Haley Tribute Poster

Limited Edition Screen Print Poster $10.00 US

SFR T-Shirt (Gun Metal Green)

SFR T-Shirt (Gun Metal Green)

Men's L & XL $21.00 US (Includes shipping/handling)