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Fans of early bluegrass will quickly take a liking to our newest Davis Unlimited reissue, SFR-DU-33011 Bluegrass, by Wally Bryson and the Blaylock Brothers. Originally released in 1975, it was the first collection of recordings after the already individually well established Bryson (fiddle) and brothers, Ralph (guitar) & Clyde (banjo) Blaylock, joined forces in 1974. Accompanied by rhythm guitarist, Pete Watson, and bassist, Marshall Smith, the trio makes their way through a list of beloved bluegrass classics, as well as old-time standards and fiddle tunes. We highly recommend it for fans of artists like The Stanley Brothers, Bill Monroe, and Reno and Smiley. 


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New Release:

Fiddle and Flattop

Our latest Davis Unlimited reissue, SFR-DU-33043 Fiddle and Flattop, is now available for purchase and download! DU released this recording of the Gillian Brothers, Steve (fiddle) and Russell (guitar) of Chandler, Oklahoma, in 1978. We highly recommend it for fans of Doc Watson or Norman Blake. 

"...the Gillian Brothers, unlike many musicians, are not 'locked into' a regional mold or style of playing. As you listen to this album you will be able to hear traces of Southeastern-, Texas-, and Swing-Style fiddling; and bluegrass and old-time guitar stylings. In short the Gillians do not feel compelled to play in a particular style whether it be for contests judges or concerts. They play to please and satisfy themselves, and in so doing they have opened up an entire new vista of listening pleasure for their audiences."

-Steve Davis, Davis Unlimited Records

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Speak-O-Phone aluminum disc recording of Ed and Ella Haley playing Over the Waves on piano and fiddle. 

Haley family recordings 2020 release

The Spring Fed Records team continues to make steady progress on the Haley Family box set. We've recently received the final essay for the liner note book from fiddle historian Mark Wilson. Wilson wrote the notes for the original Rounder release of Ed Haley's fiddling, Parkersburg Landing. We will include Mark's original essay along with his additions and updates to provide readers with a detailed historical background about Haley that discusses his fiddling style, travels and influences on other regional fiddlers such as Owen "Snake" Chapman and JP Fraley.Spring Fed Records audio engineer, Martin Fisher, continues the painstaking work of cleaning up the recordings. He's completed his task to re-transfer all of the original Haley family discs and now he's removing noise, standardizing playback speed and pitch etc. When he's completed his efforts, you'll hear the the cleanest recordings the Haley family ever released. Stole From the Throat of a Bird-The Complete Recordings of Ed Haley and Family is slated for a 2020 release.

Ed and Ella Haley. Woodcut by Megan Lightell.

We're in the final third of a major project to share the music of the legendary West Virginia/Kentucky fiddler, J. E. Ed Haley. We plan to release a box set containing Haley's spectacular fiddling as well as many previously unheard tunes and songs. Audio engineer, Martin Fisher, is painstakingly making brand new transfers of the original lacquer discs that are on loan from the Haley family. Click on the links in our social networking bar up at the top of the page. We have photographs, video and sound samples relating to the Haley project available to share with interested visitors. Stay tuned for more updates. We're planning for a summer 2020 release for the Haley box set.

Haley Family Home Recordings

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